You will need:

  • 1 x Inflatable Globe

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Module 1: The Big Picture

The Globe Game

The Globe Game

This warm up activity improves pupils awareness of their global connections.

What to do:

The pupils stand in a circle and take turns throwing an inflatable globe to each other. When they catch it they point to a country to which they have a connection, and explain what the connection is. Each pupil should find a different kind of connection.

Start with easy options such as ‘I went on holiday here’ or ‘my uncle comes from here’. Move on to encourage more interconnected thinking, such as ‘the cereal I had for breakfast was made from rice which was grown in America’, ‘my shirt was made in India’, or ‘the striker for the football team I support was born in Cameroon’.

The pupils might find this activity quite difficult to begin with and will need prompting and reminding not to give the same examples as their friends. Think of some examples of your own to use.

global awarness game