You will need:

    • A large map of the world that you can walk on – this doesn’t have to be accurate, a chalk diagram on the playground would be fine. It needs to be big enough for seven pupils to stand on the land mass comfortably.
    • A very large pair of cardboard shoes – part of the activity can be making them in advance
    • Or you can buy the activity ready made from TTS

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      Module 1: The Big Picture

      Big Feet

      Big Feet

      This is a fun whole class activity that illustrates how a small percentage of the global population have larger eco footprints than the majority.

      What to do:

      Gather the group around the floor map of the world. Ask for seven volunteers. Tell them they represent the people on the planet. Can they guess why seven? Each person represents one billion people. (In fact it is at least 6.8 billion, but rising rapidly and projected to reach 7 billion by 2012).

      The pupils stand on an area of land – none of their feet must be in the sea. They should all just about be able to fit on the land.

      The class nominates one of the seven (you can joke about who is the bossiest maybe!) to wear the big shoes. This pupil gets back on the map being careful to only stand on the land mass. The other six now have to squeeze back on as well. This should result in some playful shoving, or helpful teamwork!

      Discuss what is happening to the people that can’t fit on the land. What do the class think the game represents? They should be able to guess that it is a representation of the fact that a small percentage of the population have large eco footprints (consuming too much land and energy) and are having a negative impact on most of the world’s population who have much smaller ‘footprints.’

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