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Module 1: The Big Picture

Where’s the Impact?

Where’s the Impact?

This group activity for the whole class uses cards to explore the wider global impact of familiar products.

What to do:

There are full instructions for playing this game within the pack. The class is divided into small groups and given a set of cards which illustrate various stages of the production process, such as cropland, lorries, oil rigs and factories. They use these cards to investigate a product or activity. The game raises awareness of the fact that every thing we do, use or buy has been made out of something, by somebody, using a certain amount of land or energy. Pupils begin to understand the interconnectedness of systems, and that they have global connections through every day items. The cards can also be used to compare similar products.

It is important not to use the activity to make pupils feel guilty about the size of their footprints, or restricted in their choices. Finish the activity by asking the class how they could make the footprint of the product they have investigated smaller.

kids playing the where's the impact card game>>pack of educational green playing cards

pupils playing the eco card game