You will need:

  • Mystery guest from the sustainable energy industry. This could be someone who works to install renewable energy systems, or an engineer who designs them. It could be someone from the council with responsibility for energy efficiency, or someone who promotes energy efficiency. Or it could be someone from a local group such as Friends of the Earth.

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Module 3: Energy

Mystery Guest

Mystery Guest

A visitor from the energy industry is invited to the class to be interviewed by the pupils.

What to do:

Following the same format as for the transport week, invite in advance a renewable energy expert into the classroom for the pupils to interview. The pupils will already be improving on their interview techniques, but will still need some time in groups to devise appropriate questions to ask the guest. Decide whether or not and how you would like to record the interview, and who will do it. Inviting guests into the classroom not only enables the pupils to develop their speaking and listening skills, but also allows them to adopt an extra perspective to their learning, and to places of work in the region in which they live.