Footprint Futures

Footprint Futures
The key stage 2 and 3 eco-footprint teaching resource from the Centre for Alternative Technology
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Module 6: Stuff

Ideas for Extension

Ideas for Extension

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What to do:

Sustainable textiles

Ask the pupils to research sustainable textiles. There are several fabrics that have a lower environmental impact than more commonly used ones, such as hemp, merino, and bamboo. Are there any textile fabrics grown in the area? Ask the pupils to design a garment using sustainable textiles. This can also include re-used textiles. This activity can include a perspective on regional textile production.

Toys and games

Ask pupils to bring in their favourite toys and games. This could yield a diverse collection ranging from plastic dolls to fluffy teddies to sports equipment, computer games and board games. Ask them to assess them in terms of sustainability. You could ask the pupils to place the toys in a line where one end of the line demonstrates items with a large impact, and the other end has a small impact.

Ask the pupils how their particular items could be made more sustainable? Things like board games and sporting equipment will probably have a low impact as they are made from simple materials and can be shared with a number of people. Electronic equipment with complex systems and inbuilt obsolescence will have a large impact. Ask the pupils to try and find out about where the toys were made, and whether the workers who made them enjoyed good working conditions. An extension is for the pupils to design and make their own sustainable toys and games.

The Story of Stuff

This is of a 20 minute downloadable animation that helps reinforce the messages in this session. Go to the Story of Stuff website.


There are several advertising campaigns from companies which promote their products by using an attitude of ‘global warming, bring it on’. There have also been several ad campaigns mainly by charities such as WWF, aiming to raise awareness about climate change. Pupils will enjoy either designing their own adverts that the reveal the true impacts of products, or by designing their own awareness raising adverts. Contact the Centre for Alternative Technology for a copy of collated climate change advertising related images.


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