Footprint Futures

Footprint Futures
The key stage 2 and 3 eco-footprint teaching resource from the Centre for Alternative Technology
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Who is it for?

This website has been made for KS2-3 teachers in Wales. But all educators in Wales and beyond with an interest in teaching about sustainable futures will find the content relevant and useful.

It is a useful planning tool for:

  • Statutory core subjects
  • PSE

And particularly cross curricular planning for:

  • Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC)
  • The Skills Framework
  • Learning out of the Classroom 
  • Careers and the world of work
  • Curriculum Cymreig.

The website will also add value to other schemes such as Eco Schools, Healthy Schools, or Fair Trade Schools.


The ‘Teachers Section’ provides downloadable lesson plans. It describes activities you can use, gives background information, and slideshows of images with text. It gives advice and links on how to access other resources.

The ‘Kids Section’ is for pupils to access the slideshows, tasks and fun activities for independent learning.

You are encouraged to acquire additional resources and materials to make the project relevant to your school. These are described in each activity and also listed here:

How does it work?

Key Stage 2

The project will work best when integrated into planning with support by the whole school.

It is a seven week project to deliver in your classroom with a new theme each week. Allow half a day to a day each week. You can make relevant links to your teaching throughout the week.

If you prefer, you could deliver the whole project on consecutive days over a couple of weeks.

The activities also stand alone, allowing you to dip in and out if you wish.

How you use it is up to you.

Key Stage 3

Ideally, planning for the project will take place across the year group, and be delivered by various subject teachers.

However it is also possible to deliver the project through PSE.

If necessary it should be possible for an individual subject teacher to deliver the project, with some adaptation of the material to make it subject specific.


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