Footprint Futures

Footprint Futures
The key stage 2 and 3 eco-footprint teaching resource from the Centre for Alternative Technology

Other Group work Activities

  • Getting About
    This is a group activity using maps and public transport timetables.
    (From module Module 2: Transport)
  • Sustainable Planning - Buildings
    The pupils use what they have learned to design a regional sustainable plan for buildings.
    (From module Module 4: Buildings)
  • Positive Futures
    Using the internet, pairs or individuals use the images of global problems and find positive versions or solutions to the problem which they then present to the class.
    (From module Module 7: Think Global, Act Local)

Things needed for this Module...

Transport Survey:
  • Clipboards, pencils and paper
Getting About:
Time Travel:
  • Historical maps of your region
Mystery Guest:
  • A visit by a member of the local community involved in transport issues – this person could be a representative from the rail network, or the bus station, or someone who runs a bike shop for example.
Regional Planning - Transport:
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You will need:

  • Historical maps of your region

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Module 2: Transport

Time Travel

Time Travel

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A discussion about how transport in the region has evolved over time.

What to do:

Begin with a discussion about how transport in the region has evolved over time. Find out what the pupils know already. Maybe their parents or grandparents have mentioned that it used to be safer to walk to school when they were young for instance.

Extend this to include how various forms of transport have developed over time. Give the pupils historical maps of the region from various periods in time and ask them to investigate them for transport networks. Are there railways? Roads? How do they compare to present day maps? What has changed and why has it changed?

Interestingly, steam trains were the most polluting form of transport in the early days of the railway. Now of course, trains have a very small impact compared to other forms of travel. What about bicycles? You can extend this activity to include as much detail as you like and ask pupils to research a history of local transport, with old photographs, books, the library, and web based resources.

teaching about historical transport


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