Footprint Futures

Footprint Futures
The key stage 2 and 3 eco-footprint teaching resource from the Centre for Alternative Technology

Other Warm up Game Activities

  • Building Consequences
    This quick warm up game will allow pupils to design their own sustainable buildings in a fun way.
    (From module Module 4: Buildings)
  • Global Washing Line
    A warm up game for pupils to discover the origins of the clothes they are wearing.
    (From module Module 6: Stuff)
  • Shopping Basket Challenge
    This warm up active team game involves pupils running to sort food packaging into low footprint and high footprint shopping baskets.
    (From module Module 5: Food)
  • The Globe Game
    A repeat of this warm up activity improves pupils awareness of their global connections.
    (From module Module 7: Think Global, Act Local)

Things needed for this Module...

The Globe Game:
  • 1 x Inflatable Globe
  • Packets of Walkers crisps with 'carbon footprint' icons (not available in multi packs or catering packs)
  • Two similar items made from different materials (eg. a plastic chair and a wooden chair)
    Big Feet:
      • A large map of the world that you can walk on – this doesn’t have to be accurate, a chalk diagram on the playground would be fine. It needs to be big enough for seven pupils to stand on the land mass comfortably.
      • A very large pair of cardboard shoes – part of the activity can be making them in advance
      • Or you can buy the activity ready made from TTS
        Where’s the Impact?:
        Myth busting:
        • Some A4 paper used on both sides and a recycled paper notebook
        • A steel can (tin can) and something made from recycled  steel, like paperclips
        • A plastic drinks bottle and something made from recycled bottles like a fleece
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        You will need:

        • 1 x Inflatable Globe

        << Module Overview

        Module 1: The Big Picture

        The Globe Game

        The Globe Game

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        This warm up activity improves pupils awareness of their global connections.

        What to do:

        The pupils stand in a circle and take turns throwing an inflatable globe to each other. When they catch it they point to a country to which they have a connection, and explain what the connection is. Each pupil should find a different kind of connection.

        Start with easy options such as ‘I went on holiday here’ or ‘my uncle comes from here’. Move on to encourage more interconnected thinking, such as ‘the cereal I had for breakfast was made from rice which was grown in America’, ‘my shirt was made in India’, or ‘the striker for the football team I support was born in Cameroon’.

        The pupils might find this activity quite difficult to begin with and will need prompting and reminding not to give the same examples as their friends. Think of some examples of your own to use.

        global awarness game


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