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Other Field Trip Activities

  • Site Visit
    A whole class field trip which will allow pupils to investigate what they have learned first hand.
    (From module Module 4: Buildings)

Things needed for this Module...

Global Washing Line:
  • Clothes pupils are wearing
  • World Map
  • Paper and sticky tape
The History of Stuff:
  • Historical maps of region
  • Regional documents, archives etc, older people
Let’s go to the shops!:
  • Local shops and staff
Regional Planning – ‘Stuff’:
  • Local maps (aerial photo floor mats if possible)
  • Possibly one or two of the shop keepers visited during the field trip might be available to join this session
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You will need:

  • Local shops and staff

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Module 6: Stuff

Let’s go to the shops!

Let’s go to the shops!

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This is a field trip that will allow pupils to investigate for themselves the ‘stuff’ that is sold locally, and find out more from shop keepers about the origins of the goods that they sell.

What to do:

This is a field trip which you will need to pre-arrange with shop keepers. The nature of the trip will vary widely depending on the region of your school. It may be that you are situated in a village without shops in which you could consider the option of a bus trip to the nearest shopping location. You may be lucky enough to have a high street of independently owned shops, you may only have access to a large supermarket, or a shopping precinct of brand shops. Whatever the situation before setting out, remind the pupils to look for evidence of change over the years. What did the shopping area used to look like according to their research? You will also have needed to undertake a pre-visit to ask shop staff whether they would like to be interviewed by the pupils.

The pupils will need to do this in small groups so as not to overcrowd the shops, so make sure you have appropriate numbers of support staff for the trip. The pupils will need to spend some time preparing their questions in advance, but as always remind them to listen carefully to responses and if appropriate adapt their questions.

If you are going to supermarkets or large chain owned shops, it is quite likely that the shop staff will not be able to answer some of the questions the pupils may have about the origin of the goods that they sell. They may also be exposed to marketing which is at odds with what the pupils may have learned. Make sure that you spend time back in class before and after the field trip, to talk about these issues. It is a great opportunity for pupils to formulate their own opinions about the potential different sources of information, and to learn to agree or disagree politely.


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