Footprint Futures

Footprint Futures
The key stage 2 and 3 eco-footprint teaching resource from the Centre for Alternative Technology

Other Whole Class Activities

  • Big Feet
    This is a fun whole class activity that illustrates how a small percentage of the global population have larger eco footprints than the majority.
    (From module Module 1: The Big Picture)
  • The Green House
    This downloadable activity allows pupils to make energy choices for the home to see how they raise or lower emissions.
    (From module Module 3: Energy)
  • Power Up – Wind Power
    This group activity allows pupils to design and make their own wind turbines that generate electricity.
    (From module Module 3: Energy)
  • Mystery Guest
    A visitor from the energy industry is invited to the class to be interviewed by the pupils.
    (From module Module 3: Energy)
  • The History of Stuff
    This group activity allows pupils to research how local trade and industry has changed over the years.
    (From module Module 6: Stuff)
  • The Sustainable Regional Plan
    Pupils collate the work on regional planning in previous lessons, to create a comprehensive sustainable plan for the region.
    (From module Module 7: Think Global, Act Local)

Things needed for this Module...

Global Washing Line:
  • Clothes pupils are wearing
  • World Map
  • Paper and sticky tape
The History of Stuff:
  • Historical maps of region
  • Regional documents, archives etc, older people
Let’s go to the shops!:
  • Local shops and staff
Regional Planning – ‘Stuff’:
  • Local maps (aerial photo floor mats if possible)
  • Possibly one or two of the shop keepers visited during the field trip might be available to join this session
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You will need:

  • Local maps (aerial photo floor mats if possible)
  • Possibly one or two of the shop keepers visited during the field trip might be available to join this session

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Module 6: Stuff

Regional Planning – ‘Stuff’

Regional Planning – ‘Stuff’

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This group activity allows the pupils to create their own sustainable transport plans for the region.

What to do:

As with the other themed modules the pupils will consolidate what they have learned during the session to inform their ideas for designing a more sustainable region in terms of the kind of industry and available commodities. The degree of detail you are able to go into will depend on the amount of time you have available. The aim is for pupils to look at their local environment with a fresh perspective – how sustainable are the current industries? How sustainable are the current trading patterns? What would happen if global trade suffered an unexpected setback – eg an oil shortage? How could the local economy and businesses become more resilient? What other considerations need to be kept in mind – are their enough jobs for everyone? Are they the kind of jobs that the pupils would like to do? Can they design a more resilient local economy?

The pupils might find it difficult to envisage such big changes to the local area. Remind them though of their earlier work. Pupils should understand that changes happen all the time due to constantly evolving situations, and that changes will continue to happen.

ideas for making the town more sustainable


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