Footprint Futures

Footprint Futures
The key stage 2 and 3 eco-footprint teaching resource from the Centre for Alternative Technology

Other Whole class with guest Activities

  • Mystery Guest
    This is an opportunity for the pupils to interview someone from the local community whose job involves transport.
    (From module Module 2: Transport)
  • Regional Planning - Transport
    This group activity allows the pupils to create their own sustainable transport plans for the region.
    (From module Module 2: Transport)

Things needed for this Module...

Shopping Basket Challenge:
  • Three shopping baskets one labeled with a small footprint, one labeled with a medium footprint, and one labeled with a large footprint.
  • Lots of empty food packets, or real food, and/or pictures or models of food, that represent high, medium, and low footprint diets.
  • A shopping trolley or a big cardboard box
Regional Plan - Food:
  • You could invite the person they interviewed to help with this activity
  • Maps and aerial floor photo mats if you have them
  • Variety of media for recording
Cake Comparisons:
What’s in your lunchbox?:
Guest Interview:
  • A local guest from the sustainable food sector, they could be a shop keeper, a chef, or a farmer for example
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You will need:

  • A local guest from the sustainable food sector, they could be a shop keeper, a chef, or a farmer for example

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Module 5: Food

Guest Interview

Guest Interview

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A visitor from the food industry is invited to the class to be interviewed by pupils.

What to do:

You will need to pre-arrange a guest involved in the sustainable food industry. This might be a grower, a producer,  a chef or another professional. Ideally the pupils will visit this guest in their place of work, but if this is not possible then the guest can come to the school. As with the other guests, the pupils will prepare interview questions based on their learning, with a view to finding out new perspectives, viewpoints and ideas, and discover what their opinions are on what is being said by the guest. The guest will probably offer new perspectives on the subject, and may lead the conversation into new directions, eg by talking about growing vegetables.

As always, encourage the pupils to listen carefully, adapt their questions or come up with new ones based on what answers are given. It is also important to let the guest interview them.

pupils interview a local food workerschool interveiw questions about sustainable food


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