Footprint Futures

Footprint Futures
The key stage 2 and 3 eco-footprint teaching resource from the Centre for Alternative Technology

Other Warm up game Activities

  • The Globe Game
    This warm up activity improves pupils awareness of their global connections.
    (From module Module 1: The Big Picture)
  • Building Consequences
    This quick warm up game will allow pupils to design their own sustainable buildings in a fun way.
    (From module Module 4: Buildings)
  • Global Washing Line
    A warm up game for pupils to discover the origins of the clothes they are wearing.
    (From module Module 6: Stuff)
  • Shopping Basket Challenge
    This warm up active team game involves pupils running to sort food packaging into low footprint and high footprint shopping baskets.
    (From module Module 5: Food)

Things needed for this Module...

The Globe Game:
  • 1 x Inflatable Globe
Positive Futures:
  • Access to the Internet
The Sustainable Regional Plan:
Footprint Games:
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You will need:

  • 1 x Inflatable Globe

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Module 7: Think Global, Act Local

The Globe Game

The Globe Game

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A repeat of this warm up activity improves pupils awareness of their global connections.

What to do:

Repeat the Globe Game – it was played in the first week as part of the ‘The Big Picture’. Remind the pupils how difficult it was back then for them to think about their global connections. This time round, pupils will undoubtedly have many more ideas for places in the world that they are connected to. They will probably feel very pleased about this very real example of how their learning has progressed.


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