Footprint Futures

Footprint Futures
The key stage 2 and 3 eco-footprint teaching resource from the Centre for Alternative Technology

Other Group activity Activities

  • Where’s the Impact?
    This group activity for the whole class uses cards to explore the wider global impact of familiar products.
    (From module Module 1: The Big Picture)

Things needed for this Module...

The Globe Game:
  • 1 x Inflatable Globe
Positive Futures:
  • Access to the Internet
The Sustainable Regional Plan:
Footprint Games:
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You will need:

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Module 7: Think Global, Act Local

Footprint Games

Footprint Games

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In small groups, pupils have the opportunity to create footprint versions of traditional games, or create their own.

What to do:

Ask the pupils to design games which communicate the key messages for living more sustainably. These could be board games like snakes and ladders, or pub quizzes.


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