Footprint Futures

Footprint Futures
The key stage 2 and 3 eco-footprint teaching resource from the Centre for Alternative Technology
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Module 1: The Big Picture

Extension Ideas

Extension Ideas

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What to do:

Climate change

If pupils are not already familiar with the science and impacts of climate change, this would be a good opportunity to teach them.

Young pupils will enjoy watching the film ‘Home sweet home’ by Anita Sancha as an opening to discussions about climate change:

Home Sweet Home Animation from Anita Sancha on Vimeo.

Action Aid have also prepared a teaching pack called ‘Power Down’. If you use this, try to include a discussion about which of the activities shown in the film will make a small difference and which will make a big difference. Suitable for KS2.

Action Aid have also produced a teaching pack to accompany the film ‘The Age of Stupid.’ Suitable for KS3 and above.


Prepare for a radio interview on Eco Footprinting.  You can either be the interviewer or the Eco Footprinting expert.

Peak Oil

Anita Sancha has made a short, informative and beautiful animation ‘Past Peak Oil’ to accompany learning about peak oil. Suitable for KS2 and above:

Past Peak Oil Travelling Towards Transition Animation from Anita Sancha on Vimeo.

Eco Footprints

The Living Planet report on the WWF website is also available as a booklet. You can use this as a reference point for pupils to discover how the UK eco footprint compares to those of other countries. Help pupils understand that the footprint measures how much we consume, not produce, and is measured per capita not per country. This will help them understand any misconceptions they may have had expecting China to have a bigger footprint than they do, for example. You can use this report as a base for finding out about other countries. Suitable for KS3.

Water Footprints

You can find out how much water has been used to make every day products by visiting the Water Footprint website.

Carbon Trust

Walkers is one of several companies working with the Carbon Trust to investigate and reduce their carbon footprints. You can find out more by looking on the Carbon Trust website, and on the websites of individual companies.


Some of these websites might also be of interes:


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