Footprint Futures

Footprint Futures
The key stage 2 and 3 eco-footprint teaching resource from the Centre for Alternative Technology
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You will need:

  • Hopefully the mystery guest will be able to stay for this session
  • Maps and aerial floor photo mats if you have them
  • Variety of media for recording

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Module 3: Energy

Regional plan - energy

Regional plan - energy

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The pupils use what they have learned to design a regional sustainable plan for energy.

What to do:

Use maps and aerial photo floor mats if you have them to identify existing regional energy sources such as power stations, hydro power reservoirs, or wind farms. Hopefully, your mystery guest will be available to help the pupils. Is all the energy used in the area generated in the area? If not, where is it coming from? Discuss where most of the energy used in the area is generated, and by what. Challenge the pupils to develop a sustainable energy plan for the region. Ask them to think about it carefully. If they want to include a wind farm, what considerations will they need to take into account? The level of planning detail and accuracy you want to go into will depend on the age of the pupils and the amount of time you have. For all pupils the most important thing is to generate an interest and sense of ownership in their region and in their futures, and to start applying what they have learned in the classroom to real life situations.

discussing plans for wind turbines in schools


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