Footprint Futures

Footprint Futures
The key stage 2 and 3 eco-footprint teaching resource from the Centre for Alternative Technology
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Module 7: Think Global, Act Local

Pupils will consolidate their learning by reviewing the work that they have done. They will be motivated to discover how much they have learned and the skills they have acquired to put their learning into action. They will be inspired to share this knowledge and skills and be motivated to continue on a path to sustainability.

You will need
You are encouraged to acquire additional resources and materials to make the project relevant to your school. These are described in each activity and also listed here:

1. The Globe Game

  • 1 x Inflatable Globe

3. Positive Futures

  • Access to the Internet

4. The Sustainable Regional Plan

5. Footprint Games

The Globe Game The Globe Game
A repeat of this warm up activity improves pupils awareness of their global connections. View >>
Global Footprints Global Footprints
This slide show recaps some of the major sustainability issues they have studied over the project. View >>
Positive Futures Positive Futures
Using the internet, pairs or individuals use the images of global problems and find positive versions or solutions to the problem which they then present to the class. View >>
The Sustainable Regional Plan The Sustainable Regional Plan
Pupils collate the work on regional planning in previous lessons, to create a comprehensive sustainable plan for the region. View >>
Footprint Games Footprint Games
In small groups, pupils have the opportunity to create footprint versions of traditional games, or create their own. View >>
Sharing the Project Sharing the Project
Pupils decide how to communicate what they have learned to a wider audience. View >>


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