You will need:

  • A visit by a member of the local community involved in transport issues – this person could be a representative from the rail network, or the bus station, or someone who runs a bike shop for example.

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Module 2: Transport

Mystery Guest

Mystery Guest

This is an opportunity for the pupils to interview someone from the local community whose job involves transport.

What to do:

You will have needed to arrange in advance a visit to the class by a member of the local community directly involved in transport issues. Railway stations often have community engagement officers. You could also try bus or coach stations, or someone involved with cycling initiatives or independent bike shops. Inform them in advance that the pupils will interview them to find out more about their job, and about their opinions on sustainable transport. They will also be invited to help the pupils design a sustainable regional transport plan.

To prepare the pupils, tell them that they will receive a special transport visitor, who they will need to interview regarding transport issues. You might decide not to tell the pupils exactly what job the mystery guest has, so they will need to find out by clever questioning.

They should use what they have learned in the lesson to prepare relevant questions to ask. Questions could include for example, how the guest travels to work, or what they think about local public transport provision. Have a few questions up your sleeve if you need to guide the conversation back on track, but try and encourage a natural dialogue to occur.

The guest may also have questions for the pupils. You might want to encourage the pupils to think about how to record the responses. They will probably find note taking difficult at first, but it is something that can be developed over the course of the project. You might think the extra task of recording takes away the spontaneity and value of engagement, so be prepared to do the recording yourself as a back up.