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Module 2: Transport

Regional Planning - Transport

Regional Planning - Transport

This group activity allows the pupils to create their own sustainable transport plans for the region.

What to do:

If the mystery transport guest is available to stay and help in this session, it will be of great benefit and enhance the message that the pupils opinions and work are taken seriously.

Over the course of the project the pupils will apply what they have learned to form a sustainable development plan for their region. Consolidate the previous activities by discussing what has been discovered over the course of the day.

Using the maps (or preferably large aerial photo floor mats of the region) encourage the pupils in groups to develop a transport plan for the region. They can use whatever media they choose. If you have a large floor map, they can physically position notes, drawings, or models on the map. You might like to give them a specific date in the future, twenty years from now for example. Older pupils could then develop their future scenario by working out what steps need to be taken to get there, and by whom.